• Group introductions
  • Overview of workshop
  • Assignments
    • Homework for Monday and Wednesday
      • Bookmark five useful web sites to and tag them NLU TIE585.
      • Annotate each resource with a sentence or two on why you chose each resource. Why should workshop participants find these resources helpful?
      • No duplicate sites.
    • Final Presentation on Friday (See NLU Workshop Day 3)
      • Pick 3 tools discussed during this workshop.
      • Establish an account with chosen tools.
      • Develop some content using these tools.
      • Write a brief paper on how these tools will be implemented in your professional life. Justify why these selections will affect learning and/or personal productivity. 3 pages maxium. You can do this in Google Docs if you'd like.
      • Show classmates and instructor what you've developed during a short presentation on the final day.
  • Housekeeping
    • Maintaining your desktop
    • Emptying the trash
    • Navigating on Mac
    • Firefox - recommended browser.

Defining Web 2.0 Lecture – The Read/Write Web

Exploring Web 2.0 - We will learn to use our class wiki and will create accounts in and Flickr.